Group Exercise Schedules


Franklin County Family YMCA




Monday-Thursday  8:00AM-7:00PM

Friday                   9:00AM-5:00PM

Saturday               8:00AM-2:00PM

Sunday                 CLOSED 

The following procedures/amenities will be ADDED/CONTINUED during phase 3:

Mandatory temperature checks upon arrival
Mask must be worn by staff and members when not working out
No reciprocity or guests allowed
Access Advantage will return! Fees for new/returning users: $35 initial setup fee, $20 replacement card fee, $10 annual maintenance fee.
Basketball: solo shooting or family (covid family counts) time only. Allowed any time there is not a class in session. 
Pickleball: One on One only. Will be limited to 1 court that can be scheduled for the day prior. This will be when there are no classes taking place in the gym. If there are no basketball players 2 nets may be set up. The non scheduled net must leave if basketball players come in. You may only sign up for a court - not a different name with the same players for additional hours. Pickleballs will no longer be provided by the YMCA. We will sell the current stock or keep them for the next tournament. 
Tennis: One on One only. 
Racquetball: 2 players only. Space restrictions will not allow for more. 

The following procedures/amenities will NOT be used during phase 3:

Child Watch

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